Social Media Marketing

During the 2nd semester of BDW all of the students are asked to break into teams and build a startup. The students at BDW are extremely lucky because we are given the tools and resources needed to accelerate the usual startup process. For instance, each company is assigned a team mentor and let me tell you, these aren’t random people mentoring us. These are people like partner and chief digital officer of MADE Movement, Deutsch LA, Ogilvy & Mather, and the creative director of AKQA.

On top of THAT each team is assigned a CEO mentor, a design mentor, a development mentor and finally, a social media mentor. I am the design lead within my team and I have also decided to tackle social media. Business-wise I don’t have much experience doing social media marketing, so I saw this as an excellent learning opportunity. Here are some of the insights I have learned thus far:

1. Identify Where the Conversation is:

  • For example – if you have a sneaker company, don’t expect people to tweet about the shoes. When “Sally” gets back from a long run she is likely going to talk about how great she feels afterwards, not how well her shoes held up. Look for the trends and plug-in. For a sneaker company this may include training methods or injuries.

2. Content Must be Created on the Correct Platform:

  • Don’t merely create content, optimize it! Know who your audience is and reach out to them on the platform they are using most. 
  • Stay on top of trends. Right now, Vine is the new big thing. Make a video of your product and tweet it out. Excite your followers.

3. It’s Not About Frequency, it’s About Consistency:

  • Be consistant in creating logical and perhaps useful posts. Don’t blast people with tweets just to have your name out their, instead consistently tweet about things your users want to know about.

4. It’s Not the Who, it’s the Why:

  • Don’t worry about who has recently unfollowed you, worry about why they unfollowed you. What had you been doing up until that point? What changed? 

5. Use Your Own Account to Repost:

  • You should (hopefully) be personally passionate about the product you are working on, so use your own account to repost and retweet information from your company account. This will also help reach new people!

6. Emotional Attachment to Content:

  • Did you know the most shared content on the internet are “how-to’s”?? Scientific articles (specifically) are the most retweeted content out there. — People have an intrinsic desire to learn and share knowledge.
  • People also love content that remind them of things, (childhood, travels, etc.)
  • Friends perceptions/take on the world are also great — “this is a representation of me, so I’m going to share it with my friends” — understand who “your peeps” are and BE ONE OF THEM.
  • Know your peeps from the inside out (who are they? what are they dealing with? *Personas!)

7. Find Where the Crowds Are and Participate:

  • Comment on people’s posts and tweets. ENGAGE with them!

Awesome first day of mentoring. Learned a lot. Thank you James Clark of Room 214!

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Valentine Design

Valentines Day is quickly approaching! And this year I decided to design a special card for my special someone : )


Happy Valentines Day, xo

Happy Valentines Day, xo

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Monday Inspiration

As someone who is just as well known for her side projects as she is for her client work, Jessica Hische is a huge inspiration to me. I love her coined term “Procrasti-Working” used to describe her tendency to procrastinate on client work by working on personal projects. I do think however, that “Inspir-Action” puts this idea in a more positive light!


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Creativity Day 1

So … one of my new years resolutions was to do something creative every day.

I have always had a fascination with dreams. I am a lucid dreamer, so I often remember my dreams pretty vividly. Unfortunately  however, many of my dreams are more like nightmares so I have been thinking about making myself a dream catcher. In addition, I would like to combine this idea with wind chimes. I love wind chimes … probably because my parents have always have them at our lake house and they remind me of my summers in NH.

I have been sketching up some ideas for making a dream catcher wind chime. I think this will be a really great side project for me! : )


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New Years Resolution

Well, it’s 2013 and we’re all still here. Better make some new years resolutions …

  1. Do something creative every day — you can hold me to this because this means blogging about it every day.
  2. Say something positive about myself every day — This is said to help with positive self-image and self-esteem, who couldn’t use a little more of that in their life?
  3. Push myself harder — “Only a mediocre man is always at his best” – W. Somerset Maugham

Day 1 … here we go!


Happy 2013!

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About Me Infographic – part 1

While working on my portfolio, I was having a hard time determining what to do about my “about” page. Aware that including one is typically customary, I just couldn’t bring myself to create a boring, text-heavy page explaining the break down of my life … “Hi! My name is Amelia, I’m from Boston, here is why you should like me, and this lame page doesn’t show my personality at all!” I can never get it to sound just right.

Luckily I happened to be browsing around on Pinterest for some inspiration when I came across an infographic … *light bulb moment* … that’s it! I will design an infographic for the life of Amelia. I am after all a designer, what better way to display the story of me than through images?

Here are some preliminary sketches : ) More to come!

About Me Infographic

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Merry Christmas to Me!

I must have been good this year because I received some amazing Christmas gifts! One in particular: design books from my sister!

Looking for useful design information? From what I’ve glanced over so far I would most definitely recommend:

Thanks Whitney! Merry Christmas : )Merry Christmas

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What about Vernaculars?

Design theory essentially has three parts:
  1. The Message: What you’re trying to say.
  2. The Tone: How you’re trying to say it.
  3. The Frame/Context: Where your message is designed.

The tone is manipulation you apply to make things better. This is where vernaculars come in; if your vernacular is “80’s”, the design would likely appear flashy with neon colors and retro/abstract fonts. Essentially vernacular means the dialect of a language, but the language itself is affected by cultural, locational and social biases.

It is important for designers to familiarize themselves with many different types of vernaculars; you never know what a client may ask you to design for. Suppose the vernacular you are asked to design for is “forums”. After some brainstorming you may decide that the appropriate language for forums is clean and minimalist. Next you start sketching. Once your concept is sketched out, head for the computer.

It is after this point that you may think, great! All done .. I will show this to the client and they will understand. Wrong. Human’s are visual beings, and although you perhaps laid out a lovely digital forum in Photoshop, it is likely your client will want to see what this will look like in that context that it was designed for.

  • Lay your photoshop image onto another image that would contextually make sense. (A to-do list forum could be in someones hands or on a desk).
  • Use the transform tool and the warp tool in Photoshop to make this appear realistic.
  • Perhaps add a page fold, paper creases or shadows enhance the realistic effect.

[Check out these great paper effect tutorials! ]


And voila, the result. Now everyone is happy. The client will be pleased to understand how their forum will appear in real life, and you have something professional looking to add to your book!

to-do list forum

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 3.35.08 PM

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The Process

My last post discussed the “hustle”. Hustling is good, the feeling of getting shit done, good. I recently attended the BDW Cohort 4 Graduation where one of the graduates said something that really stuck: “In life you have two options, be comfortable or be uncomfortable.” Lindsey Jones talked about the importance of being uncomfortable; if you’re comfortable you likely aren’t challenging yourself — if you’re comfortable you are likely bored. I couldn’t agree more. Thus my emphasis on the hustle.

It is also because of the hustle that I got my latest freelance job. My client (the owner of Paul Morrison Colours hair salon) told me that he chose me over my competition because he was impressed with my process. First I sat down with him at his salon where together we went over a creative brief. I asked him questions like “How would you describe your salon?” and even “If Colours was a person, who would it be?” (The answer was Johnny Depp if curiosity is getting the best of you.)

Next I began sketching! Wooooo onto the fun stuff.  The current website for Colours is a bit boring, outdated and hard to read, (the complete opposite of what his salon actually stands for!). I wanted to find a fun way to display his content while remaining clean, readable and supporting the description of this salon.

How Paul described his salon:

  • Cool and historic
  • Couture/Bespoke
  • Individual/Custom

In order to represent the “cool and historic” aspect of Paul’s salon, I suggested having professional pictures taken as there are no images on his current website. Showcasing the exposed brick within the old building that hosts Colours would be a nice touch. Paul also described his salon in fashion terms; unlike “ready-to-wear” clothing where everyone can go to Macey’s (for example) and pick up the same exact top, couture and bespoke are one-of-a-kind looks. Colours is the place to go if you are looking for a personalized cut and style to enhance your individual beauty! (I would have to say this is exactly how I felt after having my hair cut at Colours … but that’s besides the point!) Anyway, to give this site the feeling that a personalized cut/experience is what you will walk away with, I wanted to make his website unique; customization is just what the doctor ordered! No more cookie-cutter, static, 8-10 pagers. So I went hunting for some inspiration:

Parallax Pages: Click on any navigation bar option — much cooler than just scrolling!

Not your typical drop down menu/sub-navigation: Umm obsessed with this website

Services Organization: Different and well organized


So the goal of the day was to sketch out all of the pages for the new Colours website, CHECK!


More of the process to come! : )


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